Simple life hack

Turn your mobile data to the OFF as a default when out and about. Why? Read on. Since about October … More

The ongoing spinning

PAP ministers and surrogates spinning the racially oriented presidential election.

Walk the Talk!

“Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.” – Albert Einstein It is a mockery of the Parliamentary … More

In a word, wow!

I am not sure if this is a report that contains stuff taken out of context, but if its true … More

It was obvious to me

Congratulations to Ms Lee Li Lian in winning the Punggol East seat on January 26, 2013. With 16,038 from 29,832 … More

They don’t get it.

The Punggol East by-elections are underway with the polling happening on Saturday January 26, 2013. Today, January 22, at the … More

Anonymity and Feedback

For the record, I will defend the right of anyone to engage in any discourse anonymously. Anonymity is a very … More

Open Source and Government

[11:05 am Dec 26th: updated to reflect some clarifications given to me via other walled-garden social media] The recent events … More

Much to think about

PSLE A week ago, my younger son got his PSLE results. I must congratulate him on doing very well – … More

What a disappointment

I am deeply disappointed with the announcement that the Media Development Authority has asked Google/YouTube to block access in Singapore … More

A proud moment

This Hougang by-election was a foregone conclusion as far as I am concerned. I was only looking to see an … More

What changed?

It’s just over a year and a day since the Singapore General Elections 2011. Many things have been said about … More

ACTA in Singapore

It is a little annoying to see the same acronym ACTA having two meanings in Singapore.  A lot of people … More

O Captain, my Captain!

So, the see-sawing of leadership credibility of the SMRT has reached an interchange. The CEO has quit (or euphemistically  “to … More

Change and Opportunity

Change and evolution are hallmarks of any open source project. Ideas form, code gets cut, repurposed, refined and released (and … More

My Singapore

I am very, very pleased to see such an explosion of thought, care, concern, commentary and general love for Singapore … More