Handwaving. No surprises.

So, the Singapore Parliament and the Ministry of Communication and Information replies to my question about the plan to track … More

Fa(r)cial Recognition + Parliament = Smart Parliament?

If the Singapore Parliament aspires to be a smart Parliament, it should live stream proceedings in full on the Internet with no delay (Facial recognition system to track MPs’ presence in Parliament, Nov 8). By doing that, MPs’ attendance can be tracked using software that is already available.

Simple life hack

Turn your mobile data to the OFF as a default when out and about. Why? Read on. Since about October … More

The ongoing spinning

PAP ministers and surrogates spinning the racially oriented presidential election.

Walk the Talk!

“Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.” – Albert Einstein It is a mockery of the Parliamentary … More

In a word, wow!

I am not sure if this is a report that contains stuff taken out of context, but if its true … More

It was obvious to me

Congratulations to Ms Lee Li Lian in winning the Punggol East seat on January 26, 2013. With 16,038 from 29,832 … More

They don’t get it.

The Punggol East by-elections are underway with the polling happening on Saturday January 26, 2013. Today, January 22, at the … More

Anonymity and Feedback

For the record, I will defend the right of anyone to engage in any discourse anonymously. Anonymity is a very … More

Open Source and Government

[11:05 am Dec 26th: updated to reflect some clarifications given to me via other walled-garden social media] The recent events … More

Much to think about

PSLE A week ago, my younger son got his PSLE results. I must congratulate him on doing very well – … More

What a disappointment

I am deeply disappointed with the announcement that the Media Development Authority has asked Google/YouTube to block access in Singapore … More

A proud moment

This Hougang by-election was a foregone conclusion as far as I am concerned. I was only looking to see an … More

What changed?

It’s just over a year and a day since the Singapore General Elections 2011. Many things have been said about … More

ACTA in Singapore

It is a little annoying to see the same acronym ACTA having two meanings in Singapore.  A lot of people … More

O Captain, my Captain!

So, the see-sawing of leadership credibility of the SMRT has reached an interchange. The CEO has quit (or euphemistically  “to … More

Change and Opportunity

Change and evolution are hallmarks of any open source project. Ideas form, code gets cut, repurposed, refined and released (and … More