Lots of rescued data

I had finally managed to rescue one of many drives that had documents and articles I wrote from the 90s … More

Secure E7y Nomadic Toolkit

I spoke about creating the Secure E7y Nomadic Toolkit at FOSSAsia 2015. Here’s the video recording and the link to … More

Congratulations, Howie!

I am pleased to have had the opportunity to contest for the post of the president of the Singapore Computer … More


This was penned by my sister, Srila. It is Nineteen Seventy-five Thirteen years of age Be aware of the world … More

Rest in peace, my friend!

It’s a tough day today.  Got into office and heard that a colleague passed away. He killed himself. He killed … More

Thank you, Mr Lee!

As the date to the dissolution of the current parliament looms paving way for the parliamentary elections, I would like … More

2010 in review

[Personal note: I moved to wordpress.com from livejournal.com because I was rather disappointed with the lack of community around livejournal.com’s … More

Doing the Right Thing

Really nice to see that there are people with the right motivations and ability to live their lives in honesty. … More

POSSE Singapore

Coming to the 2nd half of day 1 of the first ever POSSE in Singapore. Working on how to use … More

So I was wrong!

In this post done in 2006, I predicted a few things, but the one that is closest to being spot … More

Run Out Date

Today, October 15, 2009, I complete my obligations to serve my country in the uniformed services. Today, I stand down … More

Perhaps I should do this!

I have been contemplating getting the LG X110 netbook but without the Windows installed in it. Given that Amazon readily … More

This is so funny!

It is ever so nice to have a good belly laugh and all thanks to @osrin who tweeted that he … More

Congrats, Viswa!

I am really happy to note that my good buddy will become a Nominated Member of Parliament. The only link … More

Work To Rule

What a great post by Jeremy !Of all people, he knows how to do interoperability right. He had to reverse … More

How you get information

Looking at the charts, it sorta confirms what I have always felt – that traditional TV and traditional newspapers are … More

Failed leadership

I’ve always thought that Sony Corporation was a business that was both innovative and cool. But to hear their CEO … More

Lessons in activism

It was really endearing to watch the tweets that were being generated under the #awaresg tag regarding the extraordinary general … More

MS Silly Patents

Pertinent article about the Tom Tom bullying by Microsoft. Linux Defenders 911 for anyone being threatened by patent suites.

Wonder who will attend?

Got wind of an interop event next week. Looks like it is about document standards, but it is not entirely … More

What a delight!

I am really delighted to read about Ushahidi, Swahili for testimony. It is a Kenyan open source project that was … More


Just stumbled upon DiaS’pura. Love the play on words – diaspora + singapura. For the non-Singaporeans, Singapura is Singapore in … More

Goodbye Encarta

It took a while to happen, but MS Encarta has finally been pulled. With Wikipedia rules! Power to the community!

Document Freedom Day!

Happy Document Freedom Day! It is fundamentally crucial that the world is kept aware of the need to ensure that … More